Short-Run Publishing

Be Self-Published

Reach your audience of readers on your terms.

Got a book idea that you want to professionally produce, distribute or sell?  Can’t meet the commercial quantities required or lacking corporate or institutional funding?  Need help?

Extend your efforts at community engagement and outreach by self-publishing books of interest to local communities and to a broader readership.  We can provide assistance for distribution and print production for small and independent authors in experimenting and developing new approaches in scholarly communication.

Let our staff act as local experts for editorial development, providing guidance on intellectual property, scholarly communication, and the publishing process.   The SFU Bookstore Copyright service can help you through the final steps.

When you’re ready, sell your results through our digital storefront and print-on-demand services.  It’s fast and easy.

Schedule a consultation with us.  We’ll show you what’s possible.



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