WebCRD is our web-to-print management system administering our production workflow.

  • remotely create job requests
  • submit digital source files
  • fulfill orders for printing and scanning
  • track progress of your requests
  • place special requests

To arrange for a demonstration or questions about using this system, contact Customer Services at docsol@sfu.ca or 778-782-4331.


Creating a WebCRD account

Contact us to arrange for a user account.

You will need to provide the following:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Your shipping details (if different from above)
  3. A valid departmental charge code for billing
  4. Preferred User ID for your account.  (Not your SFU Computing ID)
  5. Name of an applicable workgroup. (Optional)

Our Customer Service Representative will contact you to confirm your information and set up your account for you.

Placing a WebCRD Job Request.

Using an appropriate browser, go to  https://webcrdserver.docsol.sfu.ca

  • Login using the User ID and password provided.
  • Change your password if prompted.
  • Choose Ordering under Roles dropdown menu.

Start your print order

  • Drag and drop your file into the zone “Upload a File
  • In the dialog box that appears, enter an appropriate job order name (e.g.  “Surrey-Student Poster 23×36”)

On the Cart Page:

  • Indicate number of copies needed.
  • Confirm that the billing code, contact and shipping information is correct.
  • Enter any special instructions, job details, or handling information you want us to be aware of.
  • Choose desired service level (estimated turnaround time and surcharges).
  • Select a shipping method and include any special delivery instructions.
  • When you are ready, Place Order to submit your order.

You will receive an Order Submitted receipt with the WebCRD work order number and the details you provided.  Refer to this number when making any inquiries.

Your file needs to be print-ready and in the proper file format.  If not, there may be delays and additional charges due to the need to adjust your file for proper printing.

We'll review your request and contact you if there are any questions.  You can track the progress of any requests through your account.