Moving Towards Carbon Neutral


Document Solutions is committed to sustainable business practices. For renewable options, we've worked with our suppliers to ensure our customers have the best products possible while reducing our carbon footprint.

The paper we stock is FSC Certified – or made from recycled materials. We encourage the reuse of old banner stands, repurposed plastic signage with Converd Board, as well as monitoring and tracking our in-plant wastage. We also provide services for countless sustainable events such as StreetFest, Welcome Day, SFU Awards Dinner and CANHEIT – just to name a few.

We're proud of the actions we've taken to preserve SFU’s unique environmental surroundings. We understand there are more challenges ahead and are committed to working tirelessly to not only meet but to exceed SFU’s 20-year sustainable vision and goals.

Document Solutions has earned the Silver Certification for Sustainable Spaces and is striving to achieve Gold Certification in the near future.