OMR Forms Scanning Services

Bubblesheet forms scanning for Exams and TA/Course-Instructor evaluations .

Available services

  1. Order bubblesheet forms for General Exams and TA/Course-Instructor evaluations. (replaces previous Scantron sheets)
  2. Request scanning and report services for OMR forms.
  3. Request custom forms design, document scanning and analysis options.
  4. Receive support and cooperation with IT and TLC for new services.
  5. Arrange Workshops to instruct people on using the new services.

Operational Changes

  1. The existing submission processes remain unchanged.
  2. People can continue to use their existing inventory Scantron forms.
  3. Do not mix old Scantron forms with new forms in the same batch for processing.
  4. The old Scantron forms can be returned in exchange for the new ones at no cost. (Recommended)
  5. Only use the official forms provided by Document Solutions. Photocopied forms will not work with our scanning/reporting system and considered unreadable. This will result in delays and additional charges.
  6. An IT script allows people to upload the CSV file and get a new file in return with the student computing ID added.

Samples of New General Purpose Answer Sheet Reports

Want more information?

We welcome feedback and insights on this new enhanced services. Contact SFU Document Solutions if you would like more information or discuss your requirements.

Current: 03 January 2018