Exam Grading and Evaluation Forms Scanning Services

Update on Scantron Scanning Processes

The current Scantron form processing used for exams and evaluations provided by SFU Document Solutions will be replaced in 2017 by applications and services with new features and greater capabilities.

IT Services moved to a new data centre in December 2016 and retired the host analyzing data generated by Scantron forms scanning for general exams and TA/Course-Instructor evaluations.

What are you doing about this?

Document Solutions is providing a multi-level approach to addressing this:

  1. A replacement service now available providing the same reports as previous with minor changes and improvements.
  2. A suite of new products and services will be inaugurated in 2017 provide greater flexibility in forms design, document scanning and analysis options.
  3. We're working with IT and TLC to rollout new services and promote transparency in transition.
  4. People are welcome to contact Document Solutions to discuss their questions or concerns.
  5. Workshops are being planned to inform and instruct people on using the new services.

Replacing Analysis Report

The replacement applications cover reports for General Purpose Answer Sheet (Exams), Course/Instructor Evaluation and Teaching Assistant Evaluation.

From an operational standpoint, there are no changes in the way that people are using the service during the transition.

  1. The existing Scantron forms can still be used.
  2. The existing submission processes remain unchanged.

Document Solutions will continue to provide the necessary forms and process them accordingly.
People can continue to use their existing inventory of forms or return them in exchange for the new ones when available.

Changes in Reports

  1. The format of the printed reports have changed orientation.
  2. Exam weighting can now handle fractional values.
  3. Email addresses are no longer restricted to the SFU computing ID.
  4. A Canvas LMS-compatible CSV file now sent as attachment along with the email results report.
  5. An IT script allows people to upload the CSV file and get a new file in return with the student computing ID added.
  6. Ability to provide custom reports or special data requests can now be accommodated.
  7. The histogram and reliability analysis tables are not included in standard report.
  8. The printed report can be provided in PDF format as an option.
  9. The 'raw data' file can be provided as in CSV format as an option.
  10. The evaluation reports contents remain unchanged.

Samples of New General Purpose Answer Sheet Reports


The new advanced solution will be rolled out in 2017 with new forms and supplemental training/orientation sessions for people wishing to know more about products and services.

The combination of these two approaches will provide SFU with flexibility and options in addressing issues for existing users and provide a foundation to provide new services to groups unable to utilize the previous preprinted forms or wishing to have custom-printed, personalized exam forms.

Want more information?

We welcome feedback and insights on this new enhanced services. Contact HANIF KASSAM at SFU Document Solutions if you would like more information or discuss your requirements.

Current: 03 January 2017